As we all know, taking a picture is a simple activity. However, we invite you to continue reading this article because we will share with you nine ideas for your outdoor wedding that will make your photos a unique memory.

Idea 1 – Give each other a kiss after the ceremony

Darse un beso después de la ceremonia 

This is a photo that can’t be missed. Just when the religious authority ends and all the guests applaud, it is a good moment to capture a beautiful picture.

For this photo, you can face each other, bring your bodies closer together, hug each other all the way to the lower back and give each other a tender, second wedding kiss.

Idea 2 – Smile and wave

Sonrie y saluda

After you’ve said that big yes, it’s time to look at everyone in the room. So while walking in the middle of the side that divides the guests’ section, do not miss the opportunity to leave that moment in a beautiful memory that can last a lifetime.

Surely after a few years, this photo will bring many smiles to your faces. It is a special moment.

Idea 3- Flirt freely in front of a flower frame.

Coquetea libremente frente a un marco de flores.

Yes, flirt freely in front of that flower frame you chose for your wedding while the photographer captures every expression. Remember that first kiss, caress, look and let yourselves go.

The groom can say a message in the bride’s ear, while she smiles; you can hold hands; give each other a hug; kiss each other from the front, from the side or with your bodies crossed, as in the form of a dance.

Idea 4 – Photo at sunset

Foto al atardecer

If your wedding is during the day, don’t miss the beautiful images that reflect the sunset in the sky. There you can sit, embrace, kiss or stare at each other while you both caress each other’s face. 

The bride can also stand with her back to the groom in the middle of the garden or open space, show the train of her dress and turn her face to the right or left, while looking into her husband’s eyes and holding his hand.

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Idea 5 – Photo with the children

Foto con los niños

If you have children or, there is a child who was part of this special moment, they may love this idea.

Right in the middle of open space or your preference, take a decorated frame made of wood or some solid material, give it to the children and let them, at a distance of several meters, fit their bodies into the frame.

Then the photographer can take a picture of their bodies in the frame with the children in the act.

Idea 6 – Play like children

After the ceremony and sharing much of the celebration with the guests, get busy capturing more photos for your wedding album, and this time you can play together.

You can take pictures with the groom holding the bride, eating or drinking, making a joke. Whatever you like. Let your creativity fly in the open air.

Idea 7 – Photo with a baby on the way

If there is a baby on the way, a fabulous idea that positively marks that moment and makes part of the celebration to that baby that has not yet been born is to take a picture that points to the belly.

For this, the groom can embrace the bride from the back and, together, bring his hand to the belly and make a heart with his hands.

The photographer can take a full body shot or, just point to the husband and wife’s half bodies, while reflecting a beautiful landscape in the background. 

Idea 8 – Photo at the ball

If your wedding has a processional or dance troupe, it would be helpful for the photographer to have a rehearsal video beforehand, so that he/she is prepared for the choreography and can capture the best moments.

Otra idea de la fotografía en el baile es compartir con los invitados en un espacio donde todos puedan expresarse libremente. Te aseguro que de este momento saldrán muchas fotos divertidas.

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