Sometimes, even the experts need to look outside the box for inspiration. If you’re here, you may need a little push to get it done, or maybe you’re not even a photographer and you’re looking for useful tips to take great pictures with your fiancée or fiancé. 

Don’t worry, with the content I have brought you, I will support you to get good results with your photography, even if you are not an expert. 

I confess that when I started in the world of photography, I had a creative mind but it was hard for me to direct all these intentions and energies in the clicks and results that I was looking to generate with my camera.  

What I did was to reflect on the fundamental factors in question, the camera has its importance, of course… But I was surprised to discover that I could even do much more with less… 

What am I talking about? Let me show you below what I’m talking about, in a list of ideas I’ve made for you.

Meet the engaged… 

meeting with clients

Certainly, a photograph is a conglomeration of things that come together in one shot. 

Having spent nearly half a decade taking photographs for couples and engaged couples, I was left wondering about the influence of one’s own appearances on the subject. 

Details like the slight change in a smile provoked and unintentional… made my shots, photographs that expressed feelings; or at least, generated it in me and those who saw it.

Isn’t that what we are all looking for, to capture moments worth remembering? Of course! and to achieve that you have to know your clients…

A couple in love who is about to sentence a life of love together, wants their photos to show what they feel

That’s why instead of demanding more from myself professionally, I look for balance with the rest of the little details. 

Now I take the time to talk to my clients, I want to get to know a little bit of their story and show them that I really care. 

This will not only result in a good relationship, but it will also help you understand them and coordinate with their intentions, so you can take the best photograph. 

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Look for models and/or sample photos

engaged couples

It may sound like more of the same, but what you need to do here is to try to match with work already done that is similar to what your clients want. 

In turn, you will give them alternatives and diversify options with the ideas they already have

Let’s say they want a simple photograph lying down in a garden, the models you get about it will definitely not be about photographs on the beach…

Try showing them examples in different positions in the garden and with elements around them that are toned down to the initial ones. 

Get creative! Remember that the best ideas have seemed far-fetched just by mentioning them?

Make the most of your surroundings!

romantic dinner on the beach

Any space can be an ideal area for your photographs, it will be your responsibility to locate what that place is or to condition one to be so…

In these cases nature works as an ally, it is a great prospect to use natural spaces or environments.

In these cases, it is important to plan the right time of day or sunset; and even at night when we want to use sunlight or moonlight to our advantage.  

Even the indirect natural lights, such as the sunset lighting that falls on the shades of the sea and reflects in a perfect shot. 

The creative possibilities that nature offers us are infinite… try and surprise them. It is essential even to enjoy this art. 

Use the spontaneous moments 

couple having fun on the beach

This section has a lot of importance, in fact, its relevance would even be overlooked. 

The best photographs capture pleasant moments, of course… 

However, spontaneous moments can be truly special and that’s what we want to photograph

Keep an eye out even when you’re not taking pictures of your loving couple…

You might realize that they are actually striking a perfect pose without even noticing it. 

Since the sincere and organic is what has more value, the photos taken naturally, express what those photos taken premeditatedly can’t express.

Just be natural!

This also has a lot of relevance, there are times when we may reach moments of tension and when we do not get a shot, we try to force it. 

So take a breath when it happens and if necessary, change the option, there are alternatives and plenty of them.

A shot not given cannot be an excuse, avoid forcing photographs and try new ones with a better attitude

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