Aruba is one of the most amazing places on earth and has the best cuisine in the world. So, if you want to delight yourself with the 5 best wedding caterers in Aruba and enjoy a dream day in the Caribbean. 

The best thing you can do is not to leave this list out, or at least, each of the following businesses that offer you an alternative to enjoy food at home:

Infini Aruba

Infini Aruba

With Infini you have unlimited possibilities to enjoy a good meal without having to move no matter where you are. Its chef Urvin Croes offers you a menu that you have never tried before, exploring the art of gastronomy and coming out with unique creations in the world.

Infini Aruba Review

The concept of this place is that diners and staff can interact all night long, and they channel a story guided by the list of dishes on the premises.  For this reason, it is one of the top 5 wedding caterers in Aruba.

Urvin is an employee who has worked in various capacities, starting as a kitchen apprentice and ending as Chef de Partie and Sous-Chef for the most popular restaurants on the island of Aruba. He also gained experience in Europe working at the Grand Hotel Karel V with 1 Michelin star.

Many of the ingredients are sourced locally, and are a combination of all of the above, reflected in every menu created in Chef Urvin’s restaurants. 

He has many accomplishments, and his culinary titles accompanied by several medals make him the winner of Iron Chef Aruba. Therefore, it is the best place to enjoy a good meal with undisputed home delivery service. 


To learn more about this restaurant you must enter its home page and consult all the information you want. 


This restaurant is located at 266 J. E. Irausquin Blvd North, 00000.


You can contact Infini Aruba and request the best food delivery for your wedding or wherever you are staying at 699 3982.

LG Smith’s Steak & Chop House – Renaissance Aruba

LG Smith's Steak & Chop House - Renaissance Aruba

Located in one of Aruba’s most prime locations, it has a panoramic view of downtown Oranjestad’s marina and bustling boulevard.

Review of LG Smith’s Steak & Chop House – Renaissance Aruba

It’s a source of pride for the city to have a restaurant with delicious American Steakhouse dishes, with cuts of meat so juicy your taste buds won’t be able to resist them. In addition, it is a USDA-certified local, offering delicious appetizers from both land and sea, tempting desserts and the best taste of the grill. 

Which makes it one of the top 5 wedding caterers in Aruba, especially if you don’t have time to hire a personal chef for the event. 

This venue has a full wine list, and has recently been nominated for a Wine Spectator award for excellence, boasts top-notch selections from around the world to make every dish magnificent. 

And, not least, the reasonable prices and home delivery service make for an opportunity you won’t be able to refuse.


Enter here to learn more about the hours and services offered at LG Smith’s Steak & Chop House – Renaissance Aruba.


Located at LG Smith Boulevard 82 Oranjestad, 00000, Aruba.


You can request catering services through 523 6195 and accepts payment options such as visa or MasterCard.

Apotek Speakeasy – Only for people over 21 years old

Pioneers of Caribbean cocktail making, it has inspired in others the attraction for the experimental and classic art of cocktail making. Apotek Speakeasy, whose term is of Dutch origin and means apothecary, is a clandestine beverage creation center in Aruba.

Apotek Speakeasy Review

It is a hidden location inside a historic building in Oranjestad, and in order to provide you with the best service, it is necessary that you make a reservation in advance. In addition, it is necessary that you share the house rules while you are in the establishment. 

It is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel zones and enjoy an evening stroll through the capital. Also, it has a home delivery service where you can enjoy one of the 5 best wedding caterers in Aruba to order drinks. 

And every time they update their recipes to offer you better formulas that your palate will not be able to resist.


This clandestine venue has a website where you can check more details about the services they offer you.


It is located at Klipstraat 2 Oranjestad, 000000, Oranjestad.


You can request the company’s shipping services or make a reservation by dialing 561 1563.

Lima Bistro

Lima Bistro

Teddy Bouroncle is the chef of this restaurant, which has followed the tradition of his grandparents by combining high quality ingredients and inventing exotic flavors with a touch of home. 

Review of Lima Bistro

It is a place where you can request food delivery service for your wedding, a place of accommodation dedicated to offering Peruvian food and fusing international ingredients. So much so, that each of its dishes have locally grown herbs and vegetables, fresh fish and homemade sourdough. 

In addition, it has wines that take you on a tour around the world, ideal for celebrating the Caribbean view with creative cocktails with Peruvian flavor. It also has an air-conditioned dining room if you want to visit the place in person.

Likewise, the space allows you to enjoy a terrace overlooking the marina of Oranjestad in Harbour House. And it is the right place for those who want to spend a peaceful and relaxing evening, making it one of the top 5 wedding catering services in Aruba.


This venue has a website where you can learn about their services with more details.


It is located at 2 Weststraat Oranjestad, outside USA 00000.


If you feel attracted by the services of this place, you can contact them at 281 3810.

Passions on the Beach

Passions on the Beach

Located in Amsterdam Manor, this is a venue that visitors from all over the island can attend and has a great offer that you can’t resist.

Review of Passions on the Beach

With a unique atmosphere and space for weddings or special events, it has one of the top 5 wedding catering services in Aruba. At Passions on the Beach you can enjoy the food of Eagle Beach, a space open every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner for their most demanding clients. 

If you want to attend in person, the first two courses are served on the beach terrace, while dinner is served on the beach.

Enjoy the Caribbean sun while the waves crash on the sand of the beach and create sounds for your ears. As night falls, tiki torch lights keep the darkness away and complement the dining experience on offer. 

At Passion on the Beach, guests witness one of the best sensations on the palate as they savor exquisite dishes with a touch of Aruba. Plus, you can sample a bottle of wine and end the evening with dessert no matter where you are thanks to their catering service. 


On their site, you can access more details about the services offered.


Located at JE Irausquin Boulevard 252 Eagle Beach, Oranjestad 0000.


All you have to do is call 527 1100 to request the services of this company.

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