In the list of the world’s best wedding photographers, there are a lot to choose from, however here I bring you a compilation of the top ones you can choose for your destination wedding in Aruba.

Today through this article you will know the top 10 for your wedding in Aruba and you will have the best to choose from to make your wedding day an unforgettable event.

List of the 10 best wedding photographers in the world 2021


Photographer 1- José Villa

Photographer 1- José Villa

Wedding Couple with a man kissing her bride

José Villa is an American photographer recognized by worldwide awarded photography magazines.

He is a simple, perfectionist, and deeply spiritual person who knows how to expose the organic style very well. His photos are very natural, bright, and with great harmony in the expression of his colors.

He is a photographer who works all over the world and enjoys natural light and minimalist style. He is a specialist in capturing every instant expression. That natural expression comes from the soul.

Instagram: @josevilla

Photographer 2- Greg Finck

Photographer 2- Greg Finck

Bride posing in front of a door

Greg Finck is a French photographer. He was born on May 25th, 1980.

He has been recognized as the best wedding photographer in the world by Harper’s Bazaar.

His specialty is medium format photos with an editorial focus. He is a full-time wedding photographer. His main mission is to beautify an event and leave lasting memories. He also is a wonderful filmmaker.

Instagram: @gregfinck

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Photographer 3- Virginia Strobel & Evan Cikaluk

Photographer 3- Virginia Strobel & Evan Cikaluk

Wedding couple in a beach

Virginia Strobel and Evan Cikaluk are a Canadian couple in love.

His photos are unique and reflect a lot of love. They seek to capture non-everyday scenarios in their images.

They have received awards as the best in the epic category.


Photographer 4 – Elizabeth Messina

Photographer 4 - Elizabeth Messina

Elizabeth Messina is an American photographer recognized by Brides and Harper’s Bazaar.

She is considered one of the best photographers in the world. She considers herself an artistic and intimate nature photographer trained in film and natural light.

Her photos are characterized by having a balance between emotion, composition, and light. Photos of her have been on the cover of various magazines worldwide.

Instagram: @elizabethmessina

Photographer 5 – David Pullum

Photographer 5 - David Pullum

Wedding couple saying hi

David Pullum is a London-born photographer who currently lives in Dovon with his family.

He was nominated as the best in the world at UK weddings. His vision in photography is to reflect the particular style of each person.

He believes that all people are unique in essence and personality. So each photograph is different. The emotions and feelings of that special day are his main focus.

Instagram: @davidpullumphotography

Photographer 6 – Fran Russo

Photographer 6 - Fran Russo

Couple staring at each other with a hand in his chest

Fran Russo is a world-renowned Spanish writer and photographer.

He is a photographer who narrates the events of a wedding as if it were her own. His style is characterized by being delicate and detailed oriented during photo shoots.

Fran, particularly believes that there are photographers for every type of person. The bride and groom must know how to choose. The photos she takes are a reflection of the magicness people are living at the moment. He just captures that feeling.

Instagram: @franrusso

Photographer 7 – Dennis Berti

Photographer 7 - Dennis Berti

Bride crying in front of her dad

Dennis Berti is an Italian photographer with extensive experience in wedding photos.

He is currently a member of the Association of Photographers of America. He sees himself as a photojournalist who captures special and unique moments.

Dennis Berti enjoys the spontaneity of each couple and their particular tastes. He considers himself humble, persistent, and capable of adapting to changes in daily life.


Photographer 8 – Martin Carrasco

Photographer 8 - Martin Carrasco

Couple kissing on the beach

Martin Carrasco is a Chilean photographer who works internationally.

His photographs reflect magic and emotion, so much so that due to his great capacity to capture a feeling, so, he can be considered one of the best.

His goal is to deliver unique photographs that just by looking, relive that special moment.

To confirm it, you just have to take a look at his work. He offers a photographic service that starts from preparation. Also lighting advice for your spaces.

Instagram: @martincarrascophotographycl

Photographer 9 – Deborah Dantzoff

Photographer 9 - Deborah Dantzoff

Couple holding hands in a lake

Devorah Dantzoff is a Chilean photographer with extensive experience in wedding photos.

She is an innovative, creative and original photographer who reflects authenticity in her work. Her goal is to capture the essence of each couple. She makes each photo a unique treasure with Devorah Dantzoff you will have printed or digital photos of every moment.

Instagram: @deborahdantzoff

Photographer 10 – Puello Conde

Photographer 10 - Puello Conde

Couple staring at each other on a mountain with a lake

Puello Conde is a Venezuelan photographer living in Chile with a unique perspective.

He is characterized by being a committed and responsible photographer. In his photographs, he offers a compendium of unique memories that promise great emotion.

Puello is a creator of Photography with a high level of understanding. So, it captures special moments that last a lifetime beautifully.


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