Aruba wedding on the beach

The beach is one of the most romantic and magical places settings to get married, so if you plan to celebrate your destination wedding on the beach, Aruba is one of the most spectacular places we recommend.

Aruba has the best beaches in the world to make that special day a dream come true. 

The happy island is one of the favorite destinations for weddings all over the world because of the great beauty of its beaches and the good weather throughout the year, make them the perfect locations with the perfect weather.

Top 4 beaches in Aruba for weddings

beach wedding setting

Among so many options it can be difficult to decide on a particular beach, so we bring you the best beaches in Aruba to get married:      

1.- Palm Beach 

It is one of the best-known beaches in Aruba with turquoise water, large palm trees, and fine white sand.

It is simply the perfect environment to say yes forever to your boo!

Palm Beach is the home to renowned hotels and resorts that offer spectacular spaces for weddings right in front of the sea.     

2.- Eagle Beach

Another great option for a magical wedding ceremony, there are also resort hotels that offer their spaces for this type of event.    

According to the Destination Weddings website, Eagle Beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for weddings because it offers a stunning natural setting.  

In Eagle, you can celebrate from large weddings to weddings with few guests, but in any of them, you will be guaranteed the best atmosphere of nature. 

3.- Manchebo Beach

Manchebo is located very close to Eagle Beach and just like the previous beaches, it stands out for its extraordinary natural beauty. 

On this peaceful beach not only do weddings take place, but it is also the ideal location for engagement, anniversaries, and honeymoons.  

4.- Malmok Beach 

For those looking to get married in a place with more privacy, Malmok Beach is the best option.

This beautiful beach with shallow waters and large coral formations offers a spectacular view of that unique moment in your life.

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Requirements to get married on the beach 

wedding in front of the beach

It must be clear that before getting married on the beach you must first celebrate a civil wedding at the town hall, for this a series of documents must be submitted. 

The  main documents to be submitted are:

  • Birth certificates,
  • Letters of bachelorhood
  • Letters of intent to marry

It is worth mentioning that most of the companies in charge of wedding planning take care of the paperwork for weddings.         

The best reasons to getting married on the beach!  

Aruba wedding setting table

Do you not sure still about getting married in Aruba?

Here are the reasons why your destination wedding ins the happy island will be a complete win in your lives:

  • Beach weddings are great for couples who enjoy out-of-the-ordinary and memorable events.
  • Beach weddings bring with them energy charged with romance, warmth, and tranquility that can hardly be given by itself elsewhere. 
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decoration since the natural beauty of the beach makes it look spectacular with just a few elements.  
  • It is pretty much a myth that beach wedding venues are very expensive, this is not always the case because nowadays many venues offer very complete packages at attractive prices
  • Beach weddings tend to be less formal, so guests feel more at ease and confident. 
  • The wedding photographs will be simply spectacular, both of the bride and groom and of the guests.    
  • Greater intimacy, since beach weddings are usually attended by the couple’s closest family and friends.    
  • In short, the options in Aruba are very varied for all tastes and budgets, all you have to do is research the market.   
  • Undoubtedly, Aruba has the best beaches in the Caribbean and that is why it will always be the destination par excellence to get married and celebrate love.   

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