There are several requirements for a wedding in Aruba. They depend on the status of each couple.

Usually you need a birth certificate, a single status certificate, among other documents.

But, if one of the parties has been married before, some extra documents are needed.

To learn more, let’s look at the following list.

List of documents

Requirement 1- Birth certificate

This document must be apostilled. That is to say, each fiancé must give authenticity of his birth document.

This procedure is performed by the authorized authorities in your country.

At the moment of submitting the documents, it must be valid for at least three months.

These three months are counted between the time of issuance of the birth certificate and the date of the wedding.

Each birth certificate must indicate the place of birth of the persons and the full names of the parents.

Requirement 2- Single status certificate

The single status certificate, as well as the birth certificate, must be apostilled and must be valid for three months.

Requirements 3- Declaration of single status

This document is sent by the authorities of the island. It must be filled out separately before the wedding.

Requirement 4- Copy of passport

The bride and groom, individually, must include a copy of their valid passports.

Requirement 5- Letter of intent to marry

This letter will be sent by your wedding planning company. It must be filled out together.

The document has two copies. The first copy must contain information from the groom and then from the bride.

In the second part, the document must contain information from the bride and then from the groom.

Requirement 6- Witnesses

Each wedding must have a minimum of two witnesses, maximum four witnesses.

All of them must submit a copy of their valid passport. They must be at least 18 years old.

In case the bride and groom do not have witnesses, they can be provided for an extra cost.

Requirements 7- Additional Documents

If either of the parties has been married before, in addition to submitting all of the above documents, another document must be submitted.

This document is their divorce or widow’s certificate, as the case may be.

This document must also be apostilled. It must not exclude any important information.

Requirements for a wedding

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Important aspects to consider in the civil wedding

  • Weddings in shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed.
  • Brides may wear dresses and grooms may wear shirts and long pants.
  • Documents must be sent to the civil registry.
  • The documents must be sent at least 21 working days before the wedding date.
  • All administrative and planning expenses are included in the cost of the service.
  • Weddings are performed at the civil house. If you wish for another location in Aruba, you must pay an extra cost.

Important aspects to consider in your wedding, according to your beliefs.

In Aruba there is the option of not only having a civil wedding.

If the bride and groom prefer, they can include a Jewish Rabbi, Pastor or religious priest.

Jewish Wedding

  • The bride and groom must be Jewish and present a certificate.
  • The certificate must be issued by the Rabbi of their community of origin.
  • Valid certificates are from Orthodox, Reform, Liberal, Conservative and Reconstructionist.
  • They must wear appropriate attire.
  • Prior to the wedding, an application must be submitted.

Evangelical Wedding

  • The bride and groom must present their marriage certificate.
  • They must make a previous request to the authorities of the local church where they wish to get married.
  • They must wear appropriate attire.
  • You have the option of getting married in any of the local churches available.

Catholic Wedding

  • Must present proof that the bride and groom have not been married before.
  • Must have permission from the parish priest to marry.
  • Civil wedding certificate.
  • Proof of baptism and confirmation.
  • Copy of passport and identity documents.
  • Must wear appropriate attire.
  • The wedding takes place inside the ecclesiastical temple.
  • All documents must be sent 4 months before. This information must be confirmed with the priest.

Final Recommendations

If you are not a resident on the island of Aruba, research everything you need to know before your wedding.

It is important that you try to have direct contact with the authorities in charge of your wedding.

Take into account all the details. This includes documents, delivery times, venues, permits, etc.

On the island of Aruba, there are several wedding planning companies. They can be excellent allies.

Contact the planning company in Aruba that best suits your needs.

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