What better way to preserve your memories of special dates and moments, than through professional photography? Nowadays it is very common to do photoshoots for all kinds of events and that is why portraits are the most used.

This like many arts has evolved over time and thanks to that there are different genres and subgenres, here we will talk a little about professional portrait photography.

What is Professional Portrait Photography?

Professional portrait photography is a subgenre of the art of photography where the lens is used to capture a pose, physical appearance of the model among other elements to lead the viewer to visualize a story or message that conveys emotions and sensations.

Many of these images allow sending a message thanks to the careful details that the photographer considers can generate a clear difference in terms of the concept.

These details can be as simple as lighting or scenery, one of the most used by photographers is Eagle Beach located on the island of Aruba for its magnificent natural beauty.

Best Professional Portrait Photographers

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Top 5 of the Best Professional Portrait Photographers

Now that you know what professional portrait photography is all about, let’s talk a little bit about some photographers who thanks to their skills and innovative vision are considered some of the best in this art. Here is our shortlist.

Joey Lawrence

This young Canadian stands out for being cautious and careful when it comes to details, which can be seen in each of his works, focusing a lot on how to use lighting to get his message across correctly.

Thanks to his characteristic style the young man has managed to take portraits of great stars in the world of cinema but also has allowed him to make portraits about the trips he makes.

Lee Jeffries

Another great today for the raw messages of social reality that he transmits through his work, known for capturing poignant images of homeless people.

This work stands out more for its simplicity of model selection, Jeffries before starting with the photographs makes a special connection with the person and only if this person accepts is immortalized under his lens.

Brandon Stanton

American and lover of photography who started in this art through social networks such as Tumblr, jump into the public eye thanks to his project “Humans of New York” capturing under images the daily life of the citizen and bringing an emotional message to the public.

Raquel López-Chicheri.

The Spaniard captures very simple and beautiful images about the purity of nature and childhood, which characterizes her and makes her stand out from the rest, achieving national and international recognition.

Josh Wool

This artist makes portraits framed more in the editorial and fashion environment, however, his talent transcends beyond being adaptable to all types of portraits.

His works range from black and white portraits to color portraits, including a characteristic stamp in the prominence he gives to the gaze, giving a sense of power and superiority.

Jonathan Petit, the best Portrait Photographer of Aruba Island

We already mentioned some of the most interesting photographers, but it is important to mention the well-known photographer Jonathan Petit. Talented, creative, and perseverant is how many define the talented Venezuelan photographer currently residing on the island of Aruba.

His beginnings were from being a photography assistant, which encouraged him among other experiences to start in the world of professional portraits to become one of the most recognized in the field and even a role model as an inspiration for those who like him share the love for this beautiful art.

His work transcends the world, being published in local, national, and international magazines such as DISfunkshion (USA), Stadium (Sweden), Xclusivo, Destinations, and Island Temptations (Aruba).

For the Venezuelan, his biggest challenge was to work on a project with Vogue Holland, a crucial moment in his career that marked the before and after in his work.

As he mentioned in an interview, this project showed him which was his path to follow and that is why he is more determined than his destiny is to participate in the photography industry thanks to the unique stamp imposed that each image captures.

You already have the information of the best photographers worldwide, going from Aruba, England, France to find in each of them the inspiration and creativity to make your own stories through the lens.

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