A photoshoot in Aruba depends on the rates of each photographer. 

If a person wishes to schedule a photoshoot, not only should they choose the photographer that best suits their perspective, but they should also be aware of his or her fees. These are based on the type of work and time this professional photographer will spend. 

Approximate prices for a professional portrait photo session

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A rough price estimate ranges from $80 to $100. But this depends on many factors. Prices should always be adjusted with the chosen professional.

Recommended criteria when choosing a photographer for professional portrait photos 

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A good professional photographer knows how to express without words, feelings, intentions, and desires, no matter if he is in Aruba or elsewhere. 

When choosing a good photographer for corporate portrait photos, it is not only necessary to know what he can transmit and if his prices fit your budget, but also to know his work and responsibility.

To review his work you can check out his social media or portfolio available on his website. You can also see the work he has done for others, in case you have someone you know who has hired him before. 

Check out other people’s reviews. This can give you an idea of what he is like as a person and as a professional. Recommendations are very important.

Finally, talk to him/her. It is not about hiring someone and, the job is done. It is necessary that the person you are going to ask to show the best of you knows what you do and what you want to convey. Professional photographers are usually very experienced people, but they need to see and hear your intentions.

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.What do I need to do to make my corporate portrait photos of excellent quality? 

In addition to choosing a good photographer, you need to consider other factors:

  • Wardrobe. Choose clothes that match the position you hold. Some combination of colors according to your skin type would be ideal.
  • Setting. Think about the place where you would like to do your photoshoot. Some photographers have their own studio in Aruba. However, you can choose the location. This can be your office or any workplace.
  • Body expression. Whether you are doing a professional corporate portrait photoshoot, personal portrait photoshoot, or for your group of workers, it is necessary for everyone to think, even if it seems unnecessary, about their body expression.

In this area photographers can give you some ideas, however, you need to think about what you want to convey and how you want to convey it, through non-verbal language.  

Places in Aruba for corporate portrait photoshoots

As we all know, corporate portrait photoshoots define your work. Aruba being a tourist place with lots of beaches and natural landscapes, has tour guides, hotels, and other places that are of interest to tourists.

If you are a person who works with tourism and want to make a corporate portrait photo that represents the best of Aruba, some places that can serve you are:

  • Historical representations. For example the mural of San Nicolas or the Bushiribana Ruins. 
  • Beautiful islands of Aruba. For example, Caribbean Island, Renaissance Island, or Palm Island.

Offering a corporate portrait image that shows where you are and how far you could take your clients, is a nice plus in your professional image.

Can I take a corporate portrait picture with a phone?

A good number of people today have access to phones with good cameras, however, if you want to look professional, it is recommended that you look for professional people. 

Based on my own professional experience, a few years ago (when I was a teenager) I thought I was not photogenic. That is, I thought I was not capable of taking a good photo. Until one day I had to visit a studio. I needed some photos of my face.

When the photographer was taking the pictures, he suddenly stopped and corrected my pose. After that, the result was great. I got the pictures I wanted. 

I say all that because it is likely that with a phone you can take corporate portrait photos, but they can hardly surpass those taken by a professional. There are details that can be ignored due to a lack of experience.

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