The Caribbean Sea is an ideal place to express your love for your partner and find a backdrop that brings elegance. And a natural look to professional Aruba wedding photography plans and packages.

Professional services are of the highest caliber and are performed by specialized personnel to ensure that the essence of your wedding day is captured. 

The main focus is on every detail and moment as if it were a work of art through the use of high-end equipment and years of experience in Aruba wedding photography. Therefore, you can be sure that your wedding photographer will capture every moment of your unique day in an authentic, intimate and imaginative style. 

Plans and packages 

You should always make a pre-wedding consultation to plan the best Aruba professional wedding photography plans and packages:

Plan 1

This service offers a consultation prior to your dream event via face-to-face or Skype. It includes photographic coverage of the wedding preparations, from the morning, ceremony and reception, until you sit down to dinner. 

You will have 400 to 600 images as part of the professional wedding photography plans and packages for weddings in Aruba that the company offers. Each with fine art details presented in high resolution digital JPEGS format. 

Your wedding photos are professionally edited with high quality, professional wedding photography, an expert wedding photographer will cover your wedding day. The online gallery is password protected so you can share your moments only with friends and family.

Also, the wedding copyright is yours, keep in mind that the value depends on the location of the wedding. There may be an additional fee for travel and accommodation, the price of the plan ranges from $2000.

Plan 2

This service includes all the benefits mentioned above, plus a 30-page album measuring 10 x 10 inches printed on giclée paper in archival ink produced by the company. In addition, shipping can be between 7 to 14 days by prior arrangement with you.

In addition, the copyright is included in each photograph taken, don’t forget that, as in the previous plan. Also, the location of the wedding can mean an additional cost for travel and lodging, the price can range up to $ 2995.

Plan 3

The photography session includes a 10-hour time accompanied by a professional with the skills to capture the best moments of your wedding. A 24 page album with over 700 high and low resolution photos in accordance with your expectations. 

Without copyrights or watermarks, so you can enjoy and have the day of your dreams with your friends or family and the price is around $4999.

Advantages of hiring a photography package for your wedding

Here is a list of the benefits of hiring Jonathan Petit’s professional wedding photography plans and packages for weddings in Aruba:

  • Extra photo coverage: one of the company’s most popular options is this, it provides breadth to your photo coverage to add speeches, the first dance or dinner. If you specify or say otherwise, completion will depend on the package chosen.
  • Wedding website: create your own personal wedding website, keep it online from a few months before your dream day to about 5 months after it. You can include information about the wedding venue, accommodations, maps, and much more.
  • Couples session: Capture the moments of a couple in love, venture outdoors and wander through spaces that provide a beautiful natural backdrop for your photographs. It is a completely relaxed and informal type of session, if you consider yourself one of those couples who prefer this type of images, take advantage of the opportunity.

Frequently asked questions about weddings in Aruba

Get to know the list of the most common questions asked by clients before hiring professional wedding photography plans and packages for weddings in Aruba:

Do we have to pay anything upfront?

Yes, however, additional fees are paid after requesting extra services during your wedding day.

How many photographers do you work with?

You will work with one, as Jonathan Petit has all the necessary skills to provide you with a quality service that you will only want to recommend.

Do you guarantee your presence at the wedding?

Yes, it is necessary to consider that depending on the location there may be an extra price for transportation and lodging.

Will our images be available online?

Yes, as I mentioned before, you can decide whether to create an exclusive website with details and images of your wedding up to 5 months after the wedding. 

What type of album do you offer?

You will have three great wedding album styles depending on the plan you choose, you just have to check the one that best suits your needs.