In this opportunity, we will show you a list of the 5 best places to celebrate your honeymoon; on a trip that will mark you with a spectacular story, thanks to the tours and activities that you can do with the love of your life.

Come and enjoy a wonderful experience in the island paradise, Aruba. With perfect places to celebrate every moment of your honeymoon.

For your nest of romance, visit the beautiful nature of Aruba’s beaches, its eccentric parks, or simply come for a great experience in the resorts and lodging centers that this beautiful Caribbean island has prepared.

#1 Eagle Beach

aruba beach side

Known for being one of the best beaches in the world, Eagle Beach is adorned with beautiful Dividivi trees (one of the most photographed). 

This is how we inaugurate our list of the best places for your honeymoon in Aruba, with a must-see blue sea on the horizon.

This beach is filled with the scenery of low and clear vegetation. 

Ideal to enjoy hand in hand with your sweetheart, sun, and the Aruban breeze. 

It has several hotel and lodging references in general, as well as tourist entertainment centers. 

#2 Arikok National Park  

Arikok national park aruba

This is a desert with an attractive diversity of wild species, surrounded by rocky and aquatic spaces, with truly captivating views.

Its atmosphere is extremely pleasant and will be perfect if you or your partner likes animals as much as nature in general. 

Here you can enjoy your stay with your fiancée and even connect to nearby beaches and bays for a stroll, or take lovely sightseeing tours. 

Integration with nature and relaxation in Aruba has a name: Arikok National Park.

#3 Palm Beach

palm beach aruba

The most popular and luxurious beach in Aruba in Palm Beach. Preferred for its nearby hotel services and fun beach activities. 

It has an added value for its goodness, definitely, your honeymoon will not be boring in this place. 

Enjoy Palm Beach; the beach casinos, the best resorts, and an infinity pool like the sea. 

It could be an instance meant for the standard business couple or those who are fascinated by the good life. 

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#4 The Guadirikiri Cave

La Cueva Guadirikiri aruba

Now we bring you a somewhat peculiar suggestion, it is about subway rock formations, created hundreds of years ago and that gave rise to the Guadirikiri Cave.

Hidden among tropical waters, a historical past of our aborigines, and vivid colors that reflect its natural environment; it will be your decision to choose a honeymoon like no other and with an epic atmosphere full of a promising tourist instance.  

Its location is Arikok National Park. 

A couple of the things you will be able to do with your partner in these caves is: 

  • Enter its water channels. 
  • Walkthrough the many subway tunnels that connect the cave. 

#5 Seroe Colorado

seroe colorado aruba villa

Finally, we bring a relaxing wonder to spend your honeymoon, this is a beautiful and pleasant village in Aruba. 

The village of Seroe Colorado is located in a traditional place in the south of Aruba that honors the memory of the local sailors. 

It is a quiet and cozy place to spend your honeymoon, you can visit attractive tourist environments with which it borders, some of them are:

  • The Huge Red Anchor (perfect for taking pictures).
  • Coconut Man, located on the side of the road of Seroe Colorado (very islander coconut drink).

Being a small town overlooking two of Aruba’s prized beaches: Rodger’s Beach and Baby Beach.

The great thing about the latter is that you can stay in one of the cabanas that the locals have for tourists and appreciate the scenery. 

If your partner enjoys classic and spectacular things, they will love this place. 

Other considerations: Traveling and hiring lodging services 

aruba website

If you are already planning your trip with your partner to this beautiful island, or just want to give them the surprise of a lifetime… 

Some of the airlines available are Avianca and Lan, with access to Reina Beatriz International Airport. 

Another option is to contact’s team of travel agents.

These guys will assist you with the kindness and answers you need to make your honeymoon a truly pleasant experience. 

And best of all, with discounts and travel and stay promotions with ongoing events. 

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