When it comes to good photography for a luxury wedding, everything has to be perfect: lighting, objects, everything. It is for that reason that thinking of you and that moment, today I am going to share several tips.

As we well know, Aruba is a small island with beaches and landscapes that has beautiful images. But when it comes to a wedding, there are some details that can make the difference in the photographs.

Let’s read below some examples:

Example 1- Photo of the resources and objects to be used.

Foto de los recursos y objetos a utilizar.

Before the ceremony begins and the guests arrive, authorize your photographer to capture some images.

Ask him to take pictures of every detail. The tables, the chairs, the flowers, the glasses, the food, everything. Let nothing escape.

Leaving a photo exhibit of your venue in your scrapbook will allow you to remember every detail.

Example 2 – Ceremony photo 

Foto de la ceremonia

The answer is absolutely yes, in Aruba you can find the best options and places to take pictures of such a special day as your wedding day in such special places.

So, if there is a group of couples, whether they are children, young people or adults, their details must be captured.

Without forgetting, of course, the most important moments, such as the entrance of the bride and the sermon of the religious figure.

As well as the words of the bride and groom, the presentation of the rings and that great and first kiss of marriage. 

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.Example 3 – Creative photo

Foto creativa

After finishing the ceremony and sharing with the guests, don’t forget to capture your first creative photo.

This is for the first creative wedding photo, it can be used to express feelings and emotions. 

Let your style, personality and creativity fly without restrictions. It’s a special day.

Example 4 – Beachfront or landscape photo

If you are in Aruba, you know that there is plenty of scenery here. So don’t miss the opportunity to capture pictures.

A photo in front of a beach or a beautiful landscape will probably leave you with beautiful memories.

Your outfits together with the natural attractions are an excellent combination. This is your moment to express your love freely. 

Example 5 – Photo with family and friends

Foto de playa o paisaje

In this family photo moment, there are many many photos that can be taken. However, it would be good to be creative.

One way to leave a creative photo with family and friends is to place the family at a distance. This distance can be two or three meters, while the bride and groom kiss each other. 

This photo example would summarize the presence of everyone present on this special day in Aruba.

Example 6 – Photo expressing their love

Foto con familiares y amigos.

This, like example 3, is a free photo. However, it has its differences.

If someone is a musician or is dedicated to some of the fine arts, this can be a good resource.

The bride or groom can do a dance, dedicate a song, recite a poem. Whatever they wish.

It is time to express your love in an artistic way. A beautiful unpublished work of art will be a manifestation of love.

Possibly this will bring a few tears or laughter. It is time to get emotional and capture spontaneous images. 

Example 7- Photo with the wedding party

Foto expresando su amor

We know that the people who participate in the procession dedicate part of their time to be in this event.

They make choreographies, costumes, decorations, among other tools that are part of the details. 

This means that they are many photographic memories that will leave them.

So in addition to capturing images during their debut at the ceremony, they can also make other photographs.

Aquí la creatividad, como en casi todas las fotos, se puede desatar libremente. 

Un primer ejemplo de foto puede ser la pareja de novios en el medio y los noviazgos de lado y lado.

Un segundo ejemplo puede ser junto al mar, todos descalzos sobre la arena.

Un tercer ejemplo puede ser que todos estén agachados en círculos, mientras la pareja está parada dándose un tierno beso. 

Ejemplo 8 – Foto de despedida

Foto de despedida

Cuando ha llegado el momento de despedir a los novios, las fotos continúan.

Posiblemente los novios se vayan de viaje oa un hermoso hotel en Aruba para pasar su primera noche de matrimonio.

Aquí el fotógrafo puede fotografiar las expresiones emocionales de los miembros de la familia hacia los novios y finalmente en el automóvil.

Con esto concluye una hermosa historia de boda que pone fin a su celebración pública.

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