Aruba is undoubtedly a perfect tourist destination to spend a honeymoon and the so-called Happy Island of the Caribbean.

This paradise island really has everything to make that first trip of the newlyweds an experience full of moments of romance and love. 

The island offers different types of activities for a wide variety of tastes to enjoy all time.

All the activities are from the most tranquil and relaxed plans to those full of adrenaline and a lot of fun for those who love adventure.   

Join us to know the 5 best things a couple can do on a honeymoon in Aruba. 

1.- Tour the beaches

couple honeymoon beach

Aruba is known for its beautiful beaches of crystal clear waters and white sands, so a great plan to do with the couple is to visit them.

There are several astonishing ones and we will tell you which ones we recommend to go. 

  • One that is very worthwhile for the tranquility and privacy it offers is Druif Beach with its warm and relaxing waters.
  • Another excellent option to consider is Rodger’s Beach, which is not very crowded, making it perfect for sharing intimate moments with your loved one.  
  • For the more adventurous couples, we recommend visiting the famous Palm Beach, Mangel Halto, or Eagle Beach, since in any of them you can perform various water activities such as diving, snorkeling, jet ski rides, among others.

2.- Sailing to watch the sunset 

boat navinating the sea

Another perfect thing to do on a honeymoon is to sail through the calm waters of Aruba to watch the sunset, this plan can be carried out through a ride on a boat or catamaran

Currently, there are several companies on the island that offer this service so if you have the possibility to hire it do not hesitate for a second, as it will be a simply memorable experience. 

In addition, while watching the sunset you will be able to enjoy snacks and delicious drinks, wonderful isn’t it?   

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3.- Dinner outdoors

table for two on the beach

An unavoidable plan for a couple in love in Aruba is to have an outdoor dinner where the sky, the sea, and the stars take center stage and allow you to enjoy a dream landscape that will remain forever in the memory forever.

The island offers an endless number of restaurant options where you can taste the richest traditional gastronomy of the place.

Aruba offers a great gastronomic experience with delicious dishes of international and fusion cuisine.

It is worth mentioning that the best restaurants for a romantic dinner are located on the different beaches of the island, such as Palm Beach.    

4.- Fun and dancing 

couple dancing night out

When the warm sun goes down, Aruba’s nightlife is welcomed, which is considered by many as one of the best in the Caribbean.

So if the newlyweds like music and dancing, they can’t miss the bars, clubs, and casinos where they can party until dawn.   

Many places to have fun are located in front of the sea and are very close to each other so it is an excellent idea to visit several in one night and make the most of the time. 

You can also party in the historic center of Oranjestad.    

5.- Spa relaxation 

couple relaxing spa

On the island, there are a good number of places of excellent quality that offer services for people to release stress and relax to the maximum. 

Spas are such a good activity, ideal for newlywed couples as it will allow them to establish a much closer connection

In Aruba, there are many hotels that offer spa and yoga services to their visitors, so if you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Aruba you cannot leave out this plan that will recharge your energies.  

In short, Aruba has a lot to offer to make such an important moment for a couple as their honeymoon a magical and unforgettable trip.

So if your travel options include this paradisiacal destination, don’t hesitate a second and make up your mind once and for all, as we are sure you will never regret it.

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