In the professional world, the image is as important as the skills and abilities developed. If you have a business or company in the digital world, it is vital to take care of the visual area.

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People will not only look at the long skills listed in your resume, but also at what you project visually and, for that it is necessary:

  • Be authentic. If you want to achieve a good corporate portrait photo, be yourself. Transmit naturalness. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Express with sincerity what you are and what you represent. 
  • Watch your body language. This area can be a bit awkward, but try to harmonize your physical expressiveness. A very useful exercise can be to stand in the mirror and practice some poses that you like. To do this, look up some examples on the internet and practice. 
  • Wear an outfit that identifies your personality or business. In this option, you must be creative, practical, and determined. Think about your niche, think about the place you occupy in the company and, try to reflect in an image what that niche means to you. Do not contradict yourself.  
  • Update. Don’t use photos more than two years old. Especially if you have had noticeable physical changes. Always try to show what you are. Your image should always be linked to who you are in the present.
  • Team photo. In addition to showing photos by department or trade, it is important to show a photo of the team together. This way you transmit confidence and make your client feel identified and secure. 

Other basic tips that can help are:

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  • Find a good photographer
  • Show an image with excellent resolution
  • Don’t abuse filters. If you don’t use them, it’s better
  • Be creative
  • Take care of the backgrounds. Don’t let the background obscure your image in the portrait photo.

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Examples of corporate portrait photos

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  • Interlace your arms, smile, and face the camera. Here you can very subtly show the details that define your outfit. In addition to transmitting calm, confidence, and stability. 
  • Standing in front of objects that identify your service. In this option, it is not only important the harmony of colors, but also the body expression. Avoid crossing your arms. Show your hands and smile.
  • Sitting in front of the work table. For this photo take a seat with a straight, but not rigid posture. Smile in any way you like and visually connect with your viewer. It’s an example that conveys naturalness and experience.


What kind of clothes should I wear in a corporate portrait photo?

The clothing to wear depends on the concept of your brand or company. So do the colors. Every color in human psychology has an intention. Before choosing an outfit, it is good for you to know a little about color theory and the relationship it has with skin tones. 

If you are of warm skin, you favor brown tones, olive green, yellow, orange, beige, among others.

If you have cool skin, you will favor the so-called light or pastel tones, such as sky blue, pink, fuchsia, among others. 

Some examples of clothing for good corporate portrait photography are:

  • Wearing between-the-season garments. This type of clothing never seems to go out of style.
  • Wear clothes in bright colors. If you are an artist or entrepreneur, these kinds of colors can define your profession very well.
  • Wear clothes in several colors. In this option, you must be careful. It is not about showing an overloaded and unharmonious image. Use colors that match. For example, a green jacket with a colorful shirt. A black dress with red shoes. A black jacket with a white or green shirt. 
  • Wear clothes with prints. Not everyone can feel comfortable with prints, but the truth is that if you know how to use them, you can look great.

Finally, it is very important that your image is linked to the type of fabric you will use in your photo. For example, if you are a businessman, avoid using silk or cotton fabrics. Also, if you are a woman, avoid tight-fitting fabrics with cleavage. Remember that everything depends on what you want to convey. 

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