Your wedding day is coming soon! and you are very excited to leave recorded for posterity every detail and every experience so choosing unforgettable photos is vital, because they will be memories of great importance over time.

The pre-wedding photos are an opportunity for you to enjoy the moment of your life in which you are, start celebrating every moment, relax and get in front of the camera with your partner. 

The emotions of that day are usually quite overwhelming because it already feels very real the fact that you will get married to that person you love, take advantage of those beautiful emotions, and pose for your photoshoot.

 The pre-wedding photos are the opener and the first encounter with that great day, so you should take into account certain keys that will help you plan a spectacular photoshoot that will capture the feeling and emotion of the moment.

1. Choose a special color palette for that day.

Choose a special color palette for that day.

Take into account the month of your pre-wedding and choose the colors accordingly, for example, if it is in autumn choose colors that evoke the atmosphere where the leaves fall, earth or wood colors, the idea is that your palette harmonizes with the environment. 

Also to choose your colors you can focus on a special theme, a specific message you want to communicate, the idea is that your colors can express an intimate feeling in accordance with both.

2. Choose the wardrobe with the colors of your palette.

Choose the wardrobe with the colors of your palette.

Besides being one of the most fun and meaningful activities for your pre-wedding photos, a wardrobe according to your choice of colors will make you and your partner get dreamy photos. 

The outfits for the session should look harmonious and well thought out, which will give a professional and chic touch to the whole affair. 

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3. Find the perfect backdrop

Find the perfect backdrop

Now that you have an established color palette, choose a setting and always remember to take care of the harmony of your colors to achieve the romantic and sentimental effect that will give you the best photos.

The place can be a photo studio, a park, a place in nature, a building, a museum or simply a special place for both of you, it can be the place where you met or a place where you do activities that you both like, for example, if you are fans of a sport, these photos could be in a sports stadium. 

These are not just any photos, so the setting should really highlight the feeling you share.

4. Take the opportunity to announce the date of the next event.


Take advantage of your photos to announce the wedding day, or any event you want to do before your wedding, it can be a party, civil marriage, bachelorette party or any event you have in mind for before the big date.

 If you do it with the pre-wedding photos you will create more excitement for what is to come and the people you want to accompany you will already have the date in their mind. The pre-wedding photos are the big news and will set a precedent for what’s to come in your life.

5. Opt for a collage as your main photo.

Although you are looking for the perfect main photo, it is very likely that this will be a titanic task because you will surely have thousands of photos that you will love and it will be very difficult to choose just one that captures all the feeling you want to express, so if you put together a collage with several special moments during the photographs, you will have a magical result that also tells a story.

6. Include “something” special for both of you

Include something special for both of you

By this I mean bring your pet, something that is meaningful to both of you such as the first gift you gave each other, your favorite food, or the plane tickets for your honeymoon. 

In this category, you can include your children, whether you have children together or separately because they are an important part of the family you are about to formalize.

The idea is that you convey the importance of the union and that your photos recall the great reasons why this step is so powerful in your life and that of your future spouse. What is that “something” that cannot be missing in your photos?

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