Whether to share a resort with luxury entertainment in this paradisiacal island or simply fill your feet with sand next to the one you love with some of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the world… Maybe this is the long-awaited dream and the long-awaited moment for the perfect wedding with your partner. 

For this reason, to make your desired wedding come true and to make it less complicated to plan it, in this opportunity we bring you two attractive hotel options that offer special wedding packages on this beautiful island

Marriott Resort Aruba Stellaris Casino Hotel 

marriot hotel aruba

This 4-star hotel is located near Palm Beach, ranked in 2013 as one of the 7 best beaches in the world

Scenarios full of tourist proposals and experiences, make this hotel a place almost impossible not to enjoy.

Making your wedding a truly special day will not be a complicated task if you make it at the Marriott Resort Aruba Stellaris Casino. 

It is definitely a space to fulfill your expectations with a traditional wedding or if on the contrary, you wish to exceed them with exceptional spaces and planning of activities.

Wedding Package: Coastal Serenity

  •  A white arch made of bamboo with seashells and white fabrics in the background. 
  • Wedding certificate.
  • Additional white chairs are $7.50 (each).
  •  A pedestal designed for signatures. 
  • Bouquet for the bride with white roses or cartridges and matching boutonniere.
  • A rich one-tier wedding cake. 
  • – hour of Baril music (live).
  • 1 bottle of house champagne (for 5 guests). 
  • Includes services sponsored by the resort’s wedding coordinator.

The initial plan so far is $1950 USD and has been made for an estimated 30 guests. 

Some additions to this initial plan:

  • The hotel pool add-on is $2000 USD and includes the above-mentioned guests. 
  • Includes free access to the following beaches: South Beach, West Beach, and Vela beach.
  • Civil marriage has an added value of $600 USD. 
  • The addition of aisle decorations, arches, and gazebos has an estimated value of $3000 USD.
  • Extra tables with their respective complements, such as tablecloths, cutlery, lamps, signage, shelves… It has an estimated added value of $600 USD each. 
  • Extra decorations with GOBO, hall set, awnings… It has an estimated $3000 USD. 
  • Additional wedding cakes, single or multiple tiers have an estimate of $300 USD per unit. 
  • Live broadcast service to memorialize your wedding is approximately $2500 USD and includes 20 minutes of video-editing. 
  • Makeup services for the bride and guests average $700 USD for full services.
  • Additional and complete entertainment services cost approximately $6000 USD and include instrumental bands, DJ, and sound equipment. 
  • Additional and complete flower arrangement service has an estimated value of $600 USD. 
  • Other additional and full-service charges are estimated at $1000 USD per day. 
  • Beverage and dining services have individual and accessory charges from $7 USD per order up to $3000 USD per order (approximately).

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Hotel Riu Palace Aruba 

riu palace hotel aruba

Now, if you want to get married or instead want to renew your vows, we suggest a great place where you can do both…

The Riu Palace Aruba is another 4-star hotel close to Palm Beach and the most popular beaches in the world. 

Here you can perform a symbolic commitment ceremony, get legally married, or renew your vows with your partner

The Riu Palace Aruba, within its wedding packages, allows you to choose between 3 venues for your wedding celebration: 

  • The Beach, with a capacity of 100 people.
  • Or the Gazebo: With the same maximum capacity of people. 
  • The Garden: Also, 100 people maximum. 

In order to have the legal formalities, in all 3 cases, the local authorities require the respective documents on the valuation of the vows. 

Wedding Package: Free

This is a perfect wedding package for those couples who wish to enjoy beautiful spaces to celebrate their marriage without worrying about incidental expenses.  

  • It consists of a splendid bridal bouquet, boutonniere, a delicious cake, and sparkling wine. 
  • It also includes the costs concerning the Judge/Minister, the respective documentation, and administrative fees. 

A great thing is: If you bring your own minister, the celebration is free of charge

Package services include: 

  • Wedding coordination service for the general planning of the wedding. 
  • General decoration of the ceremony spaces.
  • Music program for the ceremony. 
  • Semi-private dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants.
  • Surprise gift for the couple. 

Other package considerations:

  • Don’t worry about the minimum number of rooms required.
  • You can choose any available room (if you wish).
  • If you prefer, you can add the extra services you want.

Getting Engaged on the Island: Aruba (Travel)

Are you interested in getting married in Aruba?

For your and your partner’s travel arrangements, you can log on to the Aruba website and request all the relevant information. Don’t miss out on your dream wedding. 

Aruba’s team and support, thanks to its international services, will provide you with excellent attention to manage your trip, no matter which continent you are from. 

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