It is impossible to stop love, which is why many couples choose to celebrate their weddings at Flamingo Beach Aruba, a pleasant location with beautiful ocean views. However, it is necessary to capture the most important moments to ensure that they will last in everyone’s memory. 

For this reason, you can hire the services of a professional photographer who has the training to document everything that happens on the day of your dreams.

How to have a wedding in Flamingo Beach, Aruba? 

If you want to have a wedding in Flamingo Beach, Aruba, it is necessary that you know all the necessary documentation to make your marriage an event that will last in the memory of everyone. So, for the wedding procedure you must have the following requirements to say the definitive yes to your partner next to the magic of the Caribbean:

  • Birth certificate with apostille, both for the groom and the bride.
  • Certificate of bachelorhood with apostille for the groom and the bride, made in their state or country. This is requested at the civil registry where you reside at the time.
  • Personal declaration of unmarried status, it is a form that is sent to you and you must print 2 copies, since each member of the couple must fill out a form individually.
  • Letter of intention of marriage for the bride or groom, is another form that is sent to you by the company in charge of organizing the wedding in Flamingo Beach Aruba through your email and of which you must get 2 copies. 

In the first one, the cell phone puts the information in the upper part and the bride’s information in the second part and the groom signs the document. The other copy must be filled out with the bride’s information at the top, the groom’s information is placed in the second part and the bride signs it. 

The date indicated at the top right of the form is the day on which you are filling out the entire document and not the date of the wedding. 

  • Copy of the passport photo page of the groom, bride and witnesses, you must have at least 2 witnesses, but can be a maximum of 4. Each of them must be at least 18 years old, if you do not have witnesses you can request the service for a value of 50 USD per witness.

How to find a wedding photographer in Aruba?

If you are planning a trip to Aruba, you should know that you are not alone, many couples prefer to have their weddings in Flamingo Beach Aruba and have a professional photographer. 

During this process, you need recommendations to find the best expert in wedding photography, Jonathan Petit, an enthusiast for capturing beautiful images on the island of Aruba. 

His style consists of collaboration with the client to understand your vision to ensure that the Flamingo Beach Aruba wedding photography reflects your feelings. 

Symmetry and contrast is the inspiration to achieve a session that truly represents the art of love. Share the ideals of your portrait photography, what you expect from your wedding, and create something exceptional with this artist. 

Jhonathan Petit’s work is featured in Stadium magazine, and throughout his career he has documented TikTok projects and created promotional images for well-known individuals. He is also an expert in generating photographs for wedding events at Flamingo Beach Aruba, the best place of all. 

To contact the services of this professional you only need to enter his website and fill out the form with the requested information. Then, wait for him to contact you directly to find out more about the details of your wedding.

See portfolio of wedding photographs in Flamingo Beach

The style of Flamingo Beach Aruba wedding photography must go hand in hand with the client, that is, it is a team effort where you must provide details of your wedding, share your vibe, and tell the story behind your love story. 

Well, it is an exceptional project that will be considered as an event of its own and you have to discover the perfect angle to make you look great. You can find out more about the quality of professional wedding photography services in Flamingo Beach Aruba on this site.

Frequently asked questions about weddings in Flamingo Beach Aruba

Below is a list of questions that clients often have when requesting wedding photography in Flamingo Beach Aruba:

What are the prices for Flamingo Beach wedding packages?

Flamingo Beach Aruba weddings have an 18% service charge (planning, administration and coordination), within that amount the civil ceremony is included. And since 2019, the sales tax is 6% and is calculated on the total value of the contract.

What is included in a Flamingo Beach wedding package?

According to your needs, you can contact the professional photographer and ask what options he/she offers. 

Generally, there are packages for quick courthouse weddings for those couples who do not want extensive portraits after the wedding in Flamingo Beach, Aruba. And general sessions range from 6 photos to 12, with a fee per additional photo. 

Are rings required to get married in Flamingo Beach? 

Yes, in fact, at the town hall, one of the steps you must comply with if you want to get married in Flamingo Beach is to exchange rings or any other symbol of marriage that you consider as a couple.