Who doesn’t like their wedding day to be enjoyable and full of joy and energy, I think all couples like to make this day a special and unique date to remember.

That’s why we made a compilation of the 5 best and most creative ideas that will help you choose the best options and themes to decorate and make your wedding very creative.

We could not miss these ideas that we are looking for exclusively for you, so you can enjoy them and reach the required achievement when choosing your creative style photos.

List of the Best Creative Wedding Photo Ideas:

Top 1 “Clown Wedding”.

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Yes, just as you read it clown wedding and is that this is a theme to remember those childhood moments where both the couple and the guests enjoy this theme.

The decorations and photos are based on colors, red noses and costumes, so taking pictures in decorated chairs, colorful trees, with costumes, loads, on the floor and above all spontaneous will be very easy.

Top 2 “Before and After Photos”.

Creative Wedding Photo

This style of theme is unique and makes it very special, as it revives in the couple those childhood moments where they did not know each other and is that yes, this idea is super creative and original.

One of the great ideas is for the couple to take a photo with a photo from when they were children, without a doubt it will relive great moments, even the best photos can be taken imitating photos of children. And what better than on your wedding day.

Top 3 creative wedding photo ideas “LIVE PORTRAIT”.

live portrait photo wedding

Believe me, you will love this idea and we call it a live portrait, as it refers to a special photo that is taken as if you were inside a frame.

In a good space and with the help of two little ones you use a large picture frame, adjusting the position of the couple and voila, your live portrait style photo session will make your moments with friends and family to be remembered.




Top 4 “Drunk Wedding”.

Creative Wedding Photo drunk

You can think of a wedding whose theme is a drunk wedding… and is that, yes and not necessarily because your guests have a few too many drinks, is that the idea of these photos is super creative.

The idea is that all your guests dress as if they were a few drinks too many after the party, making these photos free, spontaneous, and above all very creative, distracting style.

Top 5 “Retro Style”.

wedding retro

And although many times you have heard of this style of theme, well it is still creative and unique, as it makes you set the mood and remember these striking times.

The photos accompanied by a good style and with a suitable setting manages to capture very unique images of the couple, with the couple, friends and families, a proper balance of their results is achieved.

Top 6 “Rock Style”.

And what better a rock style photos and original than a rocker wedding, because if it is one of the most creative ideas that you can find, besides offering you incredible and unique photos.

And what better than adding a rocker decoration and clothing to the couple and the decoration, a good motorcycle and a table with the right style will make your photos, the best and most creative of all.

Best Places in Aruba for Photos

These are the best options in Aruba that you can find to take the best creative photos of your wedding while enjoying sightseeing and sightseeing. Check them out:

  • Aruba Arikok National Park and Beach Horse Riding Private Tour.
  • Aruba 2 hour sunset sailboat excursion
  • Noord Aruba Boat Trip with Open Bar

Wedding ideas are the best, they are those moments that are also enjoyed to the fullest and are accompanied by family and friends, which can make it unique and special.

Do you like creative wedding photo ideas? Yes, we left certain ideas that work for both your theme and the final photo results.

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