Looking to capture spectacular images in Aruba? A commercial photographer is the solution. Especially when you need to compose visual elements on one of the most beautiful and attractive islands in the Caribbean.

At first glance, Aruba can attract visitors from many places and regions. Moreover, tourism and business go very well together.

For this reason, there is nothing better than capturing moments to include in your business strategies. This way you can convey an effective message to your target.

What is a commercial photographer?

The best commercial photographer is a professional who captures the best features about a product, service or any element and shows them in an image.

Thanks to commercial photography you can influence the strategic methodology to visually impact the target audience. In addition, you get some other benefits:

  • Publicize branded products or services, whether they are best sellers, new ones or any you wish to present.
  • Impact on the interest that your target audience may have to know more about the item for sale.
  • Guarantee good online traffic to corporate websites or online stores, as long as they are accompanied by logos, motivational phrases, etc.
  • Catch the attention of users, either by the attractiveness or emotionality of the visual element.

6 Types of commercial photography in Aruba

There are several types of photographs captured by a commercial photographer that you can apply in Aruba. These guarantee sales according to the needs of each business. Let’s see:

Fashion Photography

Also known as fashion photography, it consists of exhibiting the most striking qualities of garments and fashion items in general.

They are usually seen in magazines, newspapers or websites related to this subject.

With their help, it is possible to understand current or past trends and inspire important emotions in users.

In this case, the photographer focuses not only on the fashion items, but also on the models, who must look presentable, neat and with perfect makeup and hairstyles.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography

Also known as portrait photography, it is one of the genres that stands out the most nowadays.

No wonder, with its help you can show the personality and emotion of the participants, which serves to generate a strong emotional connection derived from the feelings of joy, sadness, anger, or any other.

In short, the audience can feel empathy, understanding, admiration … And all this is achieved through samples at weddings, events, family photographs, among others.

Product photography

Some studies reveal that the brain has only 13 milliseconds to process images, and since these represent a decisive factor to see or buy a product, it is crucial to show good visual components.

This is where product photos come into play, which serve to expose the quality and value of the product prior to purchase.

There are several types of product photography: individual, group, scale shots, lifestyle, detailed or packaging.

The idea is for you to consider the most appropriate photography for your business.

Architectural photography

Architectural photography

Architectural photography belongs to a long-standing category, with one of the oldest images being “the view from Le Gras’ window”, taken in the 1820s.

The main purpose is to show architectural art, either as a form of cultural or commercial symbolism.

This type of commercial photography can include exteriors or interiors, various buildings, bridges, cityscapes or any type of structure.

With their help, the target can identify the most impressive features, for example, to make a purchase decision.

Food photography

Food photography consists of artistically conveying the meaning of the elements that compose it to sell diets, recipes, products and more.

It is useful for users to know their details, for example, if they want to order a meal at a restaurant, or increase the purchasing power of a specific food.

This type of photography is popular nowadays and is composed of symbols, phrases and special effects that manage to captivate the target audience.

As an example of this we have the big fast food franchises in Aruba, such as McDonald’s, KFC, among others, that use them in their advertisements.

Interior photography

Also known as interior photography, it allows capturing spaces in any interior, with the incorporation of rooms or furniture.

A commercial photographer can expose it to market real estate and show details that users usually want to observe.

For its application, DSLR cameras, a tripod and flash equipment are usually used to obtain bright and vivid images.

View Commercial Photography Portfolio

There is nothing better than analyzing the commercial photography portfolio for you to verify the quality and professionalism of the images.

Here you can discover the best visual compositions captured by the best commercial photographer.