As we well know, photography is a resource that captures images of important or necessary events. It is for that reason that I want to recommend 5 great ideas for you to apply in your favorite family moments.

Idea 1- Portrait with parents and children

Portrait with mom and dad

If you are in Aruba and want to take advantage of the light and colors that nature shows. An idea for a modern and also fun family photo can be to place the kids sitting side by side.

If they are at a wedding, the children can be your children or nieces and nephews.

After the children are seated on the floor, the father or groom can stand at one end and the mother or bride can stand at the other end. Then they come a little closer and give each other a kiss.

The children, to add a bit of grace or mischief to the picture, can make expressions of astonishment or sorrow at seeing their parents kissing.

This photo example will undoubtedly bring them many beautiful memories in the future. 

Idea 2 – Portrait with one or two children.

Photography with kids

If you got married outdoors or are simply enjoying a family outing in Aruba, another photo idea can be for the spouses to hold hands, while in the background are their children looking at them.

For this option you can just look at each other’s arms in the picture or, you can also see the bridal bouquet, in case it is a wedding or, the wedding or engagement rings in case it is a casual family activity.

This example of a tender photo reflects an established family member. 

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Idea 3 – Portrait with Mom and photo with Dad

Photography mom and daughter

In Aruba, there are many family beaches. One of them is Baby Beach.

To take advantage of the beautiful sky, sand, and crystal clear water seen at this beach, you can mom at sunset, take a photo walking on the seashore with the son or daughter. Both can be holding hands or playing. The same can be done with dad.

Another option for this same moment is for mom or dad to use the little light that is left at sunset and, together with their little boy or girl, take a picture where it looks like they are walking towards the sun.

A beautiful picture taken at this time of the day will leave you with great images.

Idea 4 – Portrait between women

three sisters picture

If you are at a family reunion in Aruba and want to capture those beautiful smiles from the moment, an idea for a family portrait between girls can be that the mother or older person is in the middle and the others are placed on the side, equally.

Then she can lean her face on the person on the right or left side. All in the direction of the person in the center.

This type of photography gives visual importance to the person in the middle. Showing or respecting their years of life and experience.

This is an example of a photo that many may want to have in the family.

Idea 5 – Group family portrait

family picture

Finally, a must-have idea for Aruba evenings is a group family portrait. 

In this idea, you can integrate the pets, if they are present.

To start, you can place one behind the other and raise your hands. You can also stand side by side and make funny expressions.

In this option, your creativity and expression can fly freely. You don’t need to look perfect. Just enjoy the moment and be free on that day, on the beaches or streets of Aruba.

Tips for capturing good family portraits

Choose a nice background. Remember that their bodies are not the only thing that will be seen in the photos. Take advantage of Aruba’s scenery to capture your best memories. 

Wear your best outfit. If you want to capture a beautiful memory, it is ideal that all members wear clothes that match the moment and, best of all, that they are in harmony. If they can be combined, all the better. 

Show your personality. If you have chosen a photographer for this moment, he or she will surely give you some advice on poses and shapes. However, everyone can show how they are and what they feel at the moment.

Choose a good photographer. There are many photographers out there today, but if you want one that connects with what you want to reflect, you should take some time to get to know their work and style. This last tip is vital for you to have unforgettable portraits. 

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