Three years ago, after receiving his first bonus from an entertainment company on the island of Aruba,

Jonathan Petit headed straight to a local technology store and purchased his first camera and lenses.

What started out as a hobby quickly became an obsession. Petit, only twenty at the time, used to rush

home from work every evening to binge watch tutorials and follow online courses in

photography. He combined his learnings with his innate artistic instinct and began to share the

results online. His images quickly gained attention and his obsession became his full-time job.

As his schedule filled up with photo shoots for different occasions, it didn’t take him long to

know he would specialize in portraits, weddings and events.

Now at twenty three, Petit is a professional photographer featured on the official aruba.com

website. His style is very much concept driven as he works closely with his clients to understand

their vision and help them find unique locations that reflect their sentiments. Working on a small

island never limited his creativity. When asked how come his images always have a slightly

different touch, he claims to live by the rule of never repeating a successful step. His inspiration

is rooted in art—fashion, in particular. He is drawn to symmetry and contrast. Recognized for his

dark images while photographing on a tropical island, he is always on the lookout for something

different “Afterall”, he says, “everything has a beautiful dark twist to it, including paradise.”

In 2016, Petit landed his first international cover on DISfunkshion’s magazine’s 24 th volume. His

images have also been featured in Stadium Magazine, a Swedish publication which releases

600.000 copies per edition. Locally, Petit photographs for Xclusivo Magazine and Amigoe. Over

the last two years, he has covered major events as the official photographer for Aruba Island

Heritage and Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. When he is not on set, Petit binge watches tutorials on

cinematography. If history is any indication, his next bonus is as good as spent.

Written by Petit’s friend and fan, local writer Rosabelle Illes.