Jonathan Petit

I was born in Venezuela but I moved to Aruba when I was 18 years old. That’s also when I picked up my first camera. Learning how to take beautiful pictures on a small island challenged me to alter my perspective and discover new angles in repeated locations.

My style is very much concept driven, as I work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure the images reflect the sentiments that live in your memories. I am drawn to symmetry and contrast and my inspiration is deeply rooted in art. Show me the mood board of your wedding, share the vibe of your portrait, tell me the story behind your brand and let’s create something outstanding!


As a self-taught photographer with nearly a decade of experience, my work has appeared on the cover of DISfunkshion magazine and my images have been featured in Stadium Magazine. Throughout my career, I’ve also documented the journey of TikTok Sensations Ghilmer & Jayden Croes, created promotional images for international artists such as Maite Delgado and Sixto Rein, and produced branding images for companies such as the Ritz Carlton, Renaissance Hotel and Aruba Tourism Authority.

These experiences have led me to Cana Creatives, a content-creation agency I co-founded in 2021, where I assume the roles of Creative Director and Producer, specializing in social media strategies. When I am not working on visuals, I enjoy producing House music. Take a listen to my beats on Spotify and let me know what you think on our next shoot. See you soon!