Surely you are in one of the most awaited moments of your life, you are going to get married!

So, you are dying of nerves and anxiety because you want everything to be excellent and more than that, to look fabulous by then.

For this reason and some others, I want to give you 5 simple but useful tips and advice that will help you look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress.

Read carefully because there will be things that you will overlook and if you understand them, you will not really want to miss them and even less on your wedding day… The goal is to reach the most creative wedding photo ideas wearing your gorgeous dress.

It’s a special occasion and one of the things you long for is to pose well, and most importantly, for the camera to notice and capture it. 

pose with a wedding dress

1. Choose the right dress

wedding dress hanging

You’re getting married, obviously, you’re going to have a wedding dress, probably with a veil and everything… But, do you have the right one for you?

And we start here because it will be very important that the dress fits your proportions and your unique personality, remember that the little things make the difference. 

How to find a good dress? It can be a whole separate topic of discussion, but by logic, we can say that the dress you choose has to flow with your figure and make you feel comfortable and at ease, which is elementary…

Regarding comfortable… I mainly mean that literally, don’t make out or gain a problem because of your wedding dress. 

And why would it be a problem? Imagine you chose a super long dress, completely hiding your feet and even making it difficult for you to walk?

These would be inconveniences you don’t want to have on your wedding day, so make a good choice with your dress. 

2. Find your best angle

Bride posing in front of a mirror

Let’s find your best angle first, something that highlights you. No one is better than ourselves to know that we have one good that stands out more than another. 

Maybe it’s your eyes that fix the beauty of your face or your busts that show off the symmetry of your body?

This is important when we are going to choose the posture or for when you walk in your wedding or both, and we want to capture you in the best possible way in the photographs. 

Beforehand, we must maintain certain straightness and firmness for a better posture, but nevertheless, we must be loose in some parts of the body as well.

Practicing in front of the mirror can be a convenient exercise to find your perfect angle

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3. Posing with a landscape

Bride in a beach

In most of your poses, the photographer is an excellent guide, he will give you recommendations on these and other issues, such as walking and other details. 

Both the use of lighting and the focus you are given on the environment must coincide with the enhancement of your goodness.

In these photographs, you can see how the line of the sea serves as a background for two poses without eye contact in front of the camera. 

Likewise, the sky can be used when shooting from a lower angle or even vegetation instead of the sea. 

Note another aspect of the photograph that has already been mentioned, the firmness of the lady… This helps the relief of the dress and the self-determination.

4. Highlight your sensuality

Bride posing in front of a mirror

Now, let’s warm up a bit… 

Two very sensual points are the mouth and the gaze, by coordinating both with a provocative pose, it could be very hot. 

An infallible tip to look more sensual is to attenuate a little the look, between closing your eyes and fix your gaze on a specific point…

Add to this another point, breathing through the mouth… 

It may sound a bit unusual, but if you try it in front of a mirror, you will surely see what I mean.  

A woman’s body, on its own, is a very sensual power…

What most justifies this is the symmetry and expression we give to it. 

In the next section, we will explore this further.

5. Enhance your figure

bride posing

We have already talked about the sensuality you can have with your eyes, mouth, and even with your body, too.

In order to improve your poses, we will now indicate in some detail, some of the positions that increase the sensuality of your body: 

  • Slightly bend your arms: forward from your waist, one on your chest and the other on your waist…
  • Position your dominant leg forward. 
  • Hands-on your waist, side to side, and trying to bring them together (as if you were a superheroine).
  • Slightly tilt your hips to the side (keeping your hands close to your body or slightly bent).
  • Chest forward and hips back (trying not to lose firmness).

As you can see, it is relatively simple to show the potential of your figure, the poses can be diverse as well as your preferences to these. 

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