Weddings are a very special event for people and people are always looking for reasons to make it different and unforgettable.

If you like marine life and coastal environments: you can rent a sailboat to give a touch of originality to your wedding.

Planning this event can be really stressful due to the number of things you have to take into account, here we list the main things you have to take into account if you want to have your wedding at this event.

Type of ceremony

sailboat marriage

The first thing you should ask yourself is: what do I want the wedding to be about? Because, depending on that, you can plan a different type of ceremony.

If you just want to have a wedding with a purely symbolic intention, where most of the time will be spent celebrating, having it on a sailboat would be a perfect setting since it can lend itself to be done with costumes and sea-themed boats to reinforce the fun atmosphere. Or use it as a photo booth once the formal events are over.

But, location is not an impediment for you to have a church wedding with a priest present.

You can also have a small private ceremony with just your partner in the middle of the lake and then celebrate elsewhere.

Number of people invited

just married on a sailboat

From the beginning, you can assume that, due to the space this location has, you will have to limit yourself to only invite as many people as the event’s protocol team will allow.

Generally, a sailboat can only hold about 10 to 12 people, which would be enough for just the bride and groom, the judge and the members of honor.

If you want a large group of people to attend your wedding, you can have the ceremony on land, and use the sailboat to share a moment alone with your partner, or have all the guests seated on land and the guests on the sailboat.

Weather conditions

sailboat wedding

Considering that a sailboat has to be located outdoors, the weather is a fundamental factor for your wedding day.

But you shouldn’t worry because on the coasts, most of the time the weather is always sunny.

Make sure to check the weather conditions and pick a good day in the year where the weather is in alignment with your special day expectations.

In case you live in a place where this is something very unpredictable, you have the option to look for a place that has a roofed area so you can mail there in case an unexpected rain falls on the place.

But in case there is no rain, you should be wary of strong wind currents, as they can make the sailboat lurch from side to side and cause dizziness, nausea, and, in extreme cases vomiting to both you and the guests. 

The best thing to do in such a case is to make sure that the sailboat is tied to a dock.

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Follow the rules of the place

As much as we may attribute it to common sense, sometimes it is necessary to tell people how to behave in these places.

When renting a sailboat for the wedding, the party agency should tell you what the rules are, and what kind of shoes you should have in case you are going to embark on it.

These kinds of things you can point out in the wedding invitation or by sending a text message beforehand to all the people who will be attending.

The cost of everything

wedding on a dock

When planning the wedding, you should take into account that your budget is enough to cover all the expenses that the wedding will have.

Since the wedding will be on a sailboat, the budget must include payments for safety equipment in case of accidents.

You should also take into account that if you want to go sailing with your friends and your partner, you must also have a captain.

The other things (food, decoration, chair and table rental) may vary according to the place where you want to have the wedding and how ostentatious you want it to be. The best thing to do is to ask at least four or three to compare prices and choose the one you consider the most affordable. 


sailboat wedding picture

This is the most spectacular treasure you will have while having a sailboat wedding, your pictures will be pretty unique and amazing.

Make sure to hire a professional photographer for this day, to have the best shoots ever. 

There is no way your wedding pictures aren’t impactful, stunning, and capturing a unique moment where the feeling of the day will be surrounded by the beauty of the sea.

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