It’s amazing what you can achieve with a lot of creativity and a little imagination!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect booth for your wedding or the one you were hired for. Here are some tips and 5 ideas for wedding photo booths. 

We know that it can be difficult to prepare for a photo booth, and if you already have one, it is always useful to have alternative ideas that can serve as a contingency plan. 

Graffiti on the wall

grafiti wedding

Like something out of a minimalist art museum, this idea is quite practical and simple if you have a wedding in a few days and you only have one wall to set the stage for photographs. 

With just a few sprays and a fairly steady hand, you can do a basic wedding-themed design on the wall and get the job done.

How about you? I think it’s a bit juvenile, but it seems like a solution to an eventuality and in the absence of a booth.

Suspension bridge 

Piers or suspension bridges have an inherent romantic look

These guys knew that and decided to enjoy their wedding photography with a somewhat peculiar stand like this floating bridge with cozy finishes. 

Certainly, the high resolution of the image and the blur in the background, make this a captivating wedding photo. 

Fountain of love

fountain wedding

If you don’t have a hanging bridge at home, you can always go to a water fountain and use it as your wedding photo booth…

It looks funny, but if you implement the idea of it being a fountain of love, it looks very charming

And it doesn’t look bad at all, the bride and groom look wet and happy because of the water and celebration. 

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Pile of logs

pile of logs

If you don’t own a wall, a hanging pier, nor are you near a water fountain… Maybe you can choose a pile of logs?

Rather than considering it just a peculiar stand, we are not recommending you to knock down some trees, it would be preferable to go for a prefabricated stand. 

However, with a log and/or cabin on the lake, there is also a potential idea for a different and special booth.

Even the lake itself could be a perfect setting for a booth.

Blue sky and green landscapes

blue sky wedding photo booth

Don’t have a booth and don’t even know how to create one? 

In this section, you will already understand that with a camera and some creativity, you can make common scenarios, ideal stands for stunning weddings.   

And this is the case of a wedding couple that with the blue and white of the sky, in the company of little vegetation…

They managed to get a wonderful stand.

Other places that could be perfect backdrops for your wedding photography

  • Churches: If your wedding is a church ceremony, the chapels could be a very appropriate stand. 
  • Staircases: Great for those ceremonies held in traditional and antique venues with classic staircases. 
  • Squares: Squares are generally nice places, with some ingenuity, a photographer can get a lot of use for a booth. 
  • Beaches: The sea is a naturally unique space, even more, if it is contemplated in sunsets, it is scenery for photos, worthy of any wedding. 
  • Museums: Yes, it is special that your wedding photographs are taken in a place full of art, expressions that come together with feelings and emotions.
  • Gardens: They are a common choice of booths, mainly because there are scenarios of photographs made with gardens and their benefits. 
  • Arches or arched doorways: Equally traditional, they are still a thoughtful backdrop for many engagement photographs. 
  • Collages: A somewhat unusual stand, but one that is gaining popularity, consists of placing previous photos with your partner, together and in a mural. 
  • Strings and curtains: A very cost-effective booth idea, especially if you and your partner like things simple but not forgetting intentions. 
  • Fireplace: With a few decorative elements, together with a soft flame, it could represent an exceptional booth.
  • Zoo and natural parks: If they like animals, they will certainly be able to combine genuine wildlife with the memories of your wedding in a few photographs.

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