Professional photographer for weddings in Aruba

Jonathan Petit is a professional wedding photographer in Aruba who takes pictures of those unforgettable moments of your wedding with the highest quality.

Expert in photo shoots in various cities on the island of Aruba. Couples photography, family portraits, close-up portraits and corporate headshots are some of the branches of professional photography in which Jonathan has been specializing for more than 4 years.


    Aruba wedding photographer

    As a wedding photographer in one happy Island Aruba, I capture happy moments that will last a lifetime.

    We coordinate an appointment and meet at your hotel or anywhere in Aruba, it can be Arashi Beach or Eagle Beach. Aruba is a perfect place to get married, there are hundreds of activities that can be done as a couple to spend a fabulous honeymoon, from water sports to beautiful sunsets on the best beaches of Aruba.

    Once the session is done, the photos will be sent in high resolution to your email, ready and edited.

    Aruba wedding portrait portfolio of Jonatan Petit

    Wedding and Couples

    Best wedding venues in Aruba

    After taking some time to do some thorough research, I bring to you the best places to have the perfect wedding on the happy island.

    Aruba has a lot of dreamy places to have an unforgettable wedding and create wonderful photos of those important moments, here are some of the most requested:

    Difference between doing a wedding photo shoot with a professional photographer and an amateur photographer.

    The differences in the quality of the result of a wedding photo shoot by a professional photographer and an amateur photographer are many. In this section you will find some of the most obvious differences that you can notice at a glance about the photographic work of a professional and an amateur:

    The camera does not make the photographer.

    We must know and understand that the camera does not make the photographer, but a professional camera equipment like the one we have at Call Me Petit helps a lot.

    Jonathan Petit’s work focuses on capturing emotions with wedding photography. He creates photos with a very strong emotional connection, giving power to the images.

    The point of view

    One of the most contrasting points between a professional photographer and a novice is the photographer’s point of view or eye. A professional photographer like Jonathan, does whatever it takes to create high impact images, taking advantage of the beauty that Aruba has.


    The composition and artistic structure of a photo are points that a photographer like Jonathan Petit uses to create these wonderful wedding portraits.

    He takes advantage of the scenes that are being created at weddings, along with the wonderful environment and climate that Aruba offers, to create photos with a high level of composition, which will be kept for the wonderful memories of a lifetime after a wedding.

    Difference in the final building

    To get a high level photo, after taking them, a professional editing treatment is needed to achieve those beautiful finishes that Call Me Petit’s photos have. In Aruba we can find a lot of amateur photographers, who do not make a correct finish to the photos after a wedding photo shoot.

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